Danielle’s love for animals started at a young age, always rescuing stray animals in need. As an adult, she has had the opportunity to work with dogs for 20 years, ranging from dog walking, puppy training, kennel nursing, managing kennels, doggy massage, and canine hydrotherapy.

Danielle holds qualifications in canine myofunctional therapy, acupressure, hydrotherapy, and has a keen interest in canine nutrition, complementary therapies, and animal welfare.

Her rehabilitation journey began when one of her chocolate labs started seeing Lauren Elliott, a physiotherapist, for treatment when she was only three months old, and now she is 15 years old. Danielle is passionate about all animals, but has a particular soft spot for senior pets and strives to make their later years as comfortable as possible. She believes that animals are some of our greatest teachers, and the love and loyalty they show towards their human guardians is the best gift of all. Danielle feels most fulfilled when surrounded by her furry and feathered friends and is blessed to make a positive difference to them and the humans they share their lives with.

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