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Care Begins Here

Highly regarded practice that is run by qualified physiotherapists

Care Begins Here

we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of care for your pets

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Melbourne Animal Physiotherapy

At Melbourne Animal Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of care for your pets. Their health and quality of life is our key focus and we can assist with recovery and care through a variety of treatments and hydrotherapy sessions.

Physiotherapy relieves pain and enhances recovery in both companion and performance animals, and is important in the prevention, cure and rehabilitation of most injuries, degenerative conditions and surgeries.

(03) 9092 0400

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Give your pet the best chance at recovery and rehabilitation under the guidance of our highly trained physiotherapists.

COVID-19 Update

Due to the recent updates in line with government restrictions Stage 4, we would like to reinforce that we remain open at this time. The new restrictions still allow you to leave your home to attend medical and/or health appointments, this includes Physiotherapy.


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