I became a physiotherapist in 2001, after graduating with honors from Melbourne University. I immediately commenced work in a private practice close to home, and still love helping clients with a wide range of injuries, especially care through the perinatal period, and pelvic health physiotherapy.

I have always loved exercise and enjoy helping others achieve their fitness goals and a large passion of mine is exercising with my dog. I have always had a dog in my life, and when I discovered there was such a role as an animal physiotherapist, I jumped at the chance to further my training in this field. I completed a placement in 4th year university with a travelling animal physiotherapist who showed me what was involved. I then completed my master’s in animal studies through the University of Queensland in 2007. After initially doing some home visits for my human client’s pets, and some vet visits to clinics around Melbourne, I discovered the need for a physio within Advanced Vet care in Melbourne, a specialised 24 hours emergency centre.

I have loved working alongside experienced specialists and nurses, in a purpose built rehabilitation facility. My passion lies with helping small animals achieve the best recovery possible, through the best advice, treatment and exercises possible. I look forward to developing Melbourne Animal Physiotherapy further to be able to service the growing needs of our small animal community and I am lucky to have such a wonderful supportive team of physio’s at hand.

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