We are pleased to offer our small group hydrotherapy course, hosted within our beautifully renovated animal rehabilitation clinic in Kensington. Our courses aim to provide face to face exposure into the world of small animal hydrotherapy.  There is no pre-requisite to join our courses, and you will receive a thorough understanding of many aspects relating to working with small animals.  You will be  hands on with live cases and 2 underwater Hydrophysio treadmills, under the guidance of 3 experienced animal therapists.

Canine hydrotherapy is a growing field in Australia, and so rewarding to be a part of.  Hydrotherapy can assist small animals to improve their physical strength and mobility by providing greater resistance for their muscles, without adding undue stress to their joints or spine.  This is especially important for dogs recovering from injury who find in too difficult to ambulate without support.

Our courses will cover canine anatomy, including skeleton, joints, muscles and nerves.  We will delve into common canine pathologies and their application to canine hydrotherapy.  Specifically we will look at injury recovery, precautions relating to specific conditions, and dosages for hydrotherapy.  Each participant will participate in live case studies, involving gait analysis, palpation, and hydrotherapy.  With 2 underwater treadmills, participants will test chemicals, learn about tank maintenance and what is required to start working in the field of canine hydrotherapy.

Participants will be equipped with tools required to start working in this field.  For more information and specific dates of our courses, head to https://melbourneanimalphysiotherapy.com.au/our-courses/


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