As Animal Physiotherapists, we are constantly managing injuries in our beloved furry companions.  A big passion of ours is to help educate on the best way of avoiding injuries.  As humans, we strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well, exercise and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.  This is exactly what we would love all the dogs of the world to enjoy as well.

A tailored exercise program is the best way to avoid injury.  Maintaining strength and flexibility in our joints and muscles, and avoiding undue stress is the best way to achieve a long and healthy life.  There is no doubt that vet care has advanced significantly over the past decade, and many dogs are achieving a far longer and better quality of life than ever before.  Here are our favorite tips to maintain healthy physical dogs:

  • Walking 2-3 walks a day between 15-30min
  • Aim for some altered terrain such as hills and stepping stones 2-3 days a week
  • Incorporate sit to stand, and sit to lie exercise daily into their routine.  Ideally, 5-10 reps of each, using their usual healthy food as a reward
  • Stretch their neck side to side with treats so they move independently, aim for 2-3 reps each side daily
  • For added strength, get your pet to step up and down onto a non-slip step, to build further hindlimb and forelimb control
  • Add swimming or water walking into a weekly or daily exercise outing
  • Teach your dog to do a down dog stretch daily with treats, to give their spine further mobility
  • Teach your dog to do figure 8’s around your legs to build lateral control
  • Avoid jumping off heights and in/out of car
  • Teach your dog to use a ramp or steps to reduce strain

We highly recommend finding a physiotherapist who can assess and prescribe an appropriate strength and conditioning program tailored to your pet.  If you have any questions, we are here to help. Email, call reception on 90920400 or you can book online.

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