Chest Plate Harness



Make walks in the park a walk in the park, with the ever-reliable Chest Plate Harness. This simple and secure go-to Harness, features easy-to-adjust straps and a fully customisable fit, making it an ideal choice for all breeds and sizes. It’s not only designed for unmatched comfort and convenience, it boasts reflective stitching for night-time safety, and comes with a complimentary car restraint attachment, for distraction-free car rides.


• EVA foam chest plate for a custom fit
• Easy to fit and adjust
• Reflective stitching
• Stainless Steel welded D-ring
• Free Car Seat Attachment
Only available in blue.


Stainless Steel D-Ring

Our Stainless Steel D-Ring is a robust and durable hardware component, offering exceptional strength in high-stress areas and unmatched resistance to corrosion and rust. This D-Ring serves as a crucial link for attaching your harness or collar to your leash, making it exceptionally strong and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Signature Ezydog Webbing

Signature EzyDog Webbing has been designed and engineered to meet the highest manufacturing standards in durability, performance and quality. Our proprietary webbing has been through rigorous testing and endures meticulous quality control methods. This exclusive material features throughout our entire range of Harnesses, Leashes and Collars.

Inner EVA Padding

We use Inner EVA Padding which is used to provide comfort and protection for your dog. EVA material is used for its shock-absorbing and impact-resistant properties.

Sizing Information

 Size Guide Weight Neck (cm) Girth (cm)
XXS 1 – 3 kg 23 – 37 24 – 38
XS 3 – 5 kg 27 – 46 29 – 48
S 5 – 10 kg 34 – 56 37 – 60
M 10 – 19 kg 41 – 68 45 – 73
L 19 – 35 kg 46 – 78 49 – 84
XL 35+ kg 52 – 90 56 – 97
XXL 40+ kg 74 – 131 77 – 134

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